Sound book «Russian folk tongue twisters».

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Sound book «Russian folk tongue twisters».

Russian folk tongue twisters is a folk art genre, in which phrases are built on a combination of difficult-to-pronounce sounds.

With the help of “The Talking pen ZNATOK” this book of tongue twisters will help children to learn how to pronounce sounds and words correctly and clearly and will help to develop memory and speech. These lessons are given by professional artists who read the text.

Studying tongue twisters with the «Talking pen ZNATOK»тм is both a game and a unique way of developing correct speech. All illustrations are voiced additionally. The book contains educational questions, additional information and a dictionary of little-known and difficult-to-pronounce words.

ISBN: 9785424400803
Item: ZP-40080

The audio file for this product is available ONLY for the 2nd generation Talking Pen: